Thanks for your interest in our Powertex workshops!

Below is a list of Certified Powertex Tutors within each region around the UK

All of the Tutors listed below have completed training and gained certification in the Powertex techniques that they teach. You can be sure to receive consistent, high-quality tuition from every Tutor accredited with the Certified Powertex Tutor Status, knowing that they have attended official Powertex Training classes and meet our requirements of continuing their professional development throughout their career.

All of our Certified Powertex Tutors are fully insured. 

Please use the form at the bottom of the page to enquire about workshops with your nearest tutor. Don't forget tell us what type of workshop you are interested in (if you know already!) and we will put you in touch with the most suitable tutor for your location. If you would rather contact us directly you can do so by email  or by telephone 01527 328514, please note our hours of business are 9 am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.


West Midlands 

Andrew Coates
Alison Birch

Annette Smyth
Chloe Beck
Dave Williams
Fiona Potter

Lesley Cullen
Lisa Evans
Nikki Knight

Pat Williams 
Tracy Wootton 

East Midlands 

Allison Turner
Heather Evans
Jo Channon 

June Beckett
Liz Dixon 
Mark Channon

South East 

Anna Howlett
Cathy Harris

Debra Jenkinson
Donna McGhie
Erica Smith
Jan Mattinson 
Kore Sage 
Lesley Gott
Louise Hodges

Madeleine Steele
Maureen Cooper

Nicola Grover
Vicky Rainbow

East Anglia 

Anita O'Neil 
Caroline Bruce

Marie Ndolo
Marina Tilley

Phil Tilley


John Cook 
Marie Ndolo
Rachel Pullen

Rosie Cassleden

South West 

Ann Parker Griffiths
Lisa Robinson
Shell North

Yorkshire & Humberside

Carol Herod
Deborah Anderson
Jan Jones

Jill Cullum
Karl Kirk 
Linda Saxton
Stephanie Wilkinson
Joanne Connelly

North West

Deborah Toms
Irene Goodhew
Marie Bellamy
Sally Ross

North East 

Abigail Lagden
Beverley Brittle
Debbie Toms

Elaine Webster
Gertie Graham

Jak Heath
Kim McKelvie 
Linda Middleton
Pamela Gordon-Dixon 

Wendy Reed 


Lynda Boyd


Alison Birch 
Bron Jones
Julie Howarth

Laura Allen 
Tonya Richards

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