Limited Edition - Alice Themed Art Box

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Push your creativity to another level with this totally unique, high-quality, box!

You will receive lots of exciting mixed media items to add to your Powertex stash.

We have limited availability of this great box!

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"Drink me! Pots of Tea all around

'I'm late' said Rabbit, diving into the ground

The Cheshire Cat Smiled down at Alice

Roses painted red in the Queen of Hearts Palace"

Contents :

100ml Limited Edition Orange Powertex

1 x A7 Flamingo Stencil

1 x Candy Box Crafts MDF Teapot

1 x Alice Themed MDF

1 x Alice Themed Rice Paper ( designs will vary)

1 x Stopwatch, spook, cupcake and rabbit charms

2 x Paper roses

1 x Pink Flamingo Pigment

1 x 50ml Easy coat matt

1 x 10ml Easy Varnish

1 x Basic instruction sheet

Make garden sculptures, home decor, unique jewellery, and much more! 

Please note: This is not a project but a selection of items for you to use in your mixed media creations. 

If you join our Facebook Group Secret Art Box Subscribers you will see tutorials and our design team makes.

Items ordered with this order will be shipped with the box.