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Powertex is the environmentally friendly, water-based textile hardener which can harden absorbent materials such as textiles, paper, cardboard, fabrics, leather and fiberglass. Powertex can be easily combined with self-hardening clays, concrete, stone, ceramic, wood, sand and Stone Art. Powertex is used for making sculptures, paintings, decorative objects and jewelry.Find out more here


  • Fabric Hardener
  • Plaster Figurines
    High quality Plaster 3D figurines to easily create Powertex sculptures.
  • Varnish

    Weather-proof your Powertex creations with our range of varnishes

  • Stone Art

    Use Stone Art to make self-hardening clay, coarse and fine structures and stone effects.

  • Pigments

    Powder pigments to colour Powertex artworks and crafts.

  • Powerprint

    Transfer laser prints to canvas or wood for your Powertex creations

  • Easy 3D Flex

    Organic fine powder which, when mixed with Powertex can be used as a paste or clay. Designed to crack.

  • 3D Sand and Balls

    Absorbent sand and balls in four different sizes to add texture to sculptures and artwork

  • Powerwax
  • Bases
    Selection of bases to help build sculptures
  • Easy Structure

    A smooth ready mixed structure past for use in mixed media pieces and sculptures. Can be used with stencils. Waterproof when dry.

  • DVDs, Books & Magazines
  • Powerprint

    Easily transfer laser images to paper, wood, glass, fabric

  • Rusty Powder
  • Easycoat

    Decoupage glue and varnish, makes your images weatherproof

Showing 1 - 12 of 38 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 38 items